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Recognized for the potential to fight cancer and lessen inflammation that causes diseases offers you an even better reason to consider taking the powder or tea. Ilex paraguariensis, by its botanical name, or yerba mate, is a tree that grows in southern countries of South America, mainly Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. The leaves are picked and dried to be consumed traditionally infused in a calabash , using the bombilla and by adding hot water.

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  • Yerba mate is an herbal tea made from the dried leaves and twigs of the evergreen Ilex paraguariensis plant, which is native to South America.
  • Both of these drinks offer health benefits like nutrients and antioxidants, along with the mood-boosting, focus-improving effects of caffeine.
  • Using a higher water temp can also cause the tea to taste too bitter.
  • Some people like to add lemon juice, sugar, or milk to their mate tea.
  • For a tasty twist on traditional maté, check out this tulsi and peppermint-infused unsmoked yerba maté tea from EcoTeas.
  • If you can drink normal tea, you can drink Anna Park yerba mate.

Before yerba mate tea leaves can be processed, they must be grown. It takes at least two years for the tree to mature enough to be harvested. The taste and scent of Playadito are mild, which makes it a very forgiving yerba tea.

Canarias Yerba Mate

Pyramid teabags allow extra space for the yerba mate herb to infuse with hot water, so you end vitamix e320 up with a more flavorful brew. And a single pyramid bag can even be steeped two to three times. Examination of the human studies on yerba mate consumption as of this writing indicates that moderation is indeed the best policy when it comes to drinking yerba regularly. However, drinking yerba mate has been correlated with esophageal, mouth, lung, bladder, kidney, and other cancers of the head and neck. Consumption of hot drinks is correlated with esophageal cancer, so it’s possible some of the correlations with cancer is temperature related.

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The drink is served in an ornate mate cup, which is commonly made from wood, glass or Calabash gourd . However, in Paraguay, guampa is also a popular choice of mate cup. Somewhat confusingly, the container or gourd that the mate drink is served in, is also referred to as mate. Also known as yerba mate, cimarrón and chimarrão, mate is a hugely popular caffeine-infused drink. It is popular in the South American countries of Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and it is also consumed in some areas of Brazil.

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Yerba Mate is a major component of the endangered Matto Grosso, or Interior Atlantic Forest type. The Matto Grosso is home to the toucan, the jaguar, and the coati, among a thousand lesser-known but no less wonderful endemic creatures. Sustainable yerba mate cultivation represents the last best chance to preserve this unique biological treasure trove. Add a bit of cool water to help preserve some of the mate. Yerba Mate is often referred to as the ‘drink of the gods’ because it contains vitamins A, B, C as well as potassium, iron, manganese, antioxidants and more.

Ultimate Guide To Yerba Mate

A 12-week study was also conducted to see the effectiveness of yerba mate on weight loss. A group of people who were deemed to be overweight participated in the study and a select portion of that group was given three grams of yerba mate per day. By the end of the study, they had lost an average of 1.5 pounds and reduced their waist-to-hip ratio by 2%. Those who were given a placebo gained an average of 6.2 pounds and increased their waist-to-hip ratio by 1%.

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However, there is one study that looked at yerba mate specifically, and it found the tea to have a positive impact. Looking at observational data, we can see there are far fewer diagnosed cases of cardiovascular disease in heavy yerba mate drinkers. However, there are many potential confounders here, and correlation does not equal causation . Being obese or overweight are both significant cardiovascular risk factors.

Anna Park Yerba Mate

Let’s choose the best traditional mate tea brands from each of these countries. Superficially, mate is a tea infusion drank from a gourd, wooden or metal cup, through a stainless steel bombilla. The tea, called yerba mate, is tipped into the mate about two thirds high.